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Evaluation and due diligence services

In the practice of medicine, diagnosis occurs before prescription. Stated another way, it's important to test for problems before you try to treat problems.  At Ascenceo, we use a similar strategy.  

Our evaluation pinpoint the causes of sales, customer and revenue generation problems. We use quantitative analysis methods to measure and test the root causes of problems. Our approach validates, scores and prioritizes problems. The assessments use severity and business impact in the score and prioritization.

Trial and error methods, and symptom based pattern matching are ineffective. They can appear logical, but are expensive in time, cost and effectiveness. We help you reduce the time and cost to see true improvement. We get to the root causes of problems, so you can begin to improve with speed, and effectiveness.

Sales improvement, change management, and continuous improvement consulting and advisory

From the assessment, we score and prioritize the changes required to improve performance.

Customer acquisition and retention drive both sales revenue growth, and business valuation. We gather and validate insights to help you create durable value and top line revenue growth.

Customer insights and market segmentation. Our process helps clients uncover true customer desires and business buying behaviors. We help you develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. That helps define true target customer segments, based on provable competitive advantages. That translates to better decision making confidence across all facets of your company. From product innovation and development, to marketing, sales and customer success.

Product innovation and developement. We help clients realize new levels of collaboration. That enables break through innovations and customer-matched product and service development.

Direct sales and sales channel effectiveness. We help you measure and prioritize problems and opportunities in your distribution strategy. That help you improve performance and value from your sales organization. We improve your talent management process, from selection and onboarding to development.

Marketing and brand strategy. Ascenceo helps you create natural, clear alignment of marketing, brand and sales strategy. We rank marketing strategy, tactics and methods for optimal cost and return on spend. That results in higher conversions, effective sales marketing, customer alignment, and brand value.

Customer experience, retention and loyalty. We ensure that alignment occurs throughout the entire sales revenue generation process. That includes high quality customer onboarding and customer success processes. Those steps support and drive greater customer engagement, utilization, and faster realized value.