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The diligence and selection of your portfolio company appeared perfect. Big win.

Now, leads aren't converting. Sales costs are up. Revenues are flat. Big problem.


The pick appeared to be the perfect investment for your portfolio. The deal thesis and due diligence indicated a good match for the target company and for your firm.

The target company has a competent and experienced team. They play in an attractive market with ample growth prospects. The company could and should be winning share from competitors. The product and service portfolio look contemporary and competitive.

But several quarters in, the revenue line is weak. Monthly and quarterly revenue forecasts are erratic and miss projections. The revenue and customer pipelines are not developing with the speed expected. And the speed that is needed.

Your general and limited partners are losing confidence and asking, "did we make the wrong pick?" 

Call Ascenceo. Our expertise is sales revenue line due diligence.

We use quantitative analysis help you unpack how revenues are generated. We pinpoint problems and opportunities that exist within a company. 

Our services help you see the revenue generation process with greater clarity and certainty. That helps you identify and more thoroughly consider risk, improve your selection quality. Our services can help pinpoint and resolve problems before a deal, or for your existing portfolio companies.

For equity investors, we provide venture capital due diligence, private equity due diligence to help score and expose potential sales revenue generation risks, problems and gaps. That extends to corporate venture and corporate deal screening for potential investments. Post investment, we provide insight to existing portfolio company positions that have sales revenue trajectory challenges and weaknesses.

For debt investors, our due diligence services can help you understand and score a company's sales quality and ability to create, service and retain customers. We provide insights to help you see and measure sales and selling related risks, problems and gaps to help credit committees commit with greater certainty and confidence.

We work with operating companies across funding, growth and development stages. From adequately funded early stage firms, to private equity class growth stage companies. We can also you understand risks with distressed debt and equity scenarios.

Our approach creates durable changes in growth and EBITDA to help your portfolio companies achieve mature to full potential more quickly.