Who we serve > Credit risk management services for bankers, lenders and credit committee leaders

Bankers are in business and incented to lend capital.  That is clear.

Lending to the right businesses is critical for success, and getting that right is not so clear. We use data and science to take out credit risks.

Banks, lenders and credit professionals are paid to lend, and lend well. It is their core mission. That is especially true for those extending credit to business to business (B2B) companies.

Selecting which businesses to grant and extend debt and credit is critical for a strong portfolio with predictable returns, desirable efficiency ratios and few - if any - non performing loans.

Ascenceo brings specific expertise in sales, revenue performance and customer development that can help you improve and enhance your lending and credit decisions.

We use quantitative analysis to help you, your underwriting team and your credit committee understand the strength of sales revenues and selling performance of a client. We understand how - and how well - a client catches, keeps and serves their customers. We uncover risks, problems, opportunities and areas for improvement that exist within a potential client company. 

Our services help you understand and measure the revenue generation process and strength - and risks - of your clients with greater clarity, insight and certainty. That helps you and your underwriters specifically identify and more thoroughly consider risk - and how to better manage them - which improves the quality of your selections and your portfolio.

For lenders and debt investors, our due diligence services can help you understand and score a company's sales quality and ability to create, service and retain customers. We provide insights to help you measure sales, selling and customer development related risks in a potential client operating company that help credit committees commit with greater certainty and confidence. Whether you participate in SBA programs or not, we help you:

  • Lend smarter and with more confidence
  • Improve portfolio performance
  • Increase margins
  • Reduce bad debt, workout costs and OCC reporting (ALLL).

We will work with your operating companies who are either in your portfolio, or under your consideration for extending credit.